Rhinoplasty Toms River

Get a nose that is more in proportion with the rest of your face with a rhinoplasty procedure from Dr. Michael Rosen. Dr. Rosen, a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center, New Jersey, is one of the best in the field of plastic surgery for the face and body. Dr. Rosen received his board certification in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1998. His offices for rhinoplasty are situated in Toms River and Eatontown, New Jersey and serve Ocean Counties, Monmouth, and the surrounding areas. Assisted by his dedicated staff, Dr. Michael Rosen can do aesthetic rhinoplasty to modify:

  • The width of the nose at the bridge
  • Nasal deviation and asymmetry
  • Nose size with respect to other structures of the face
  • Big, upturned, or wide nostrils
  • Huge, drooping, upturned, or bulbous nasal tip
  • Nose profile that has noticeable depressions or humps on the bridge

Minimal Pain, Negligible Scarring

Our rhinoplasty procedures for the male and female nose and for people of different ages are characterized by minimal pain and negligible scarring. We make use of only modern surgical tools and believe in discretion and sensitivity when it comes to our patients.

Learn More about Rhinoplasty

Dr. Michael Rosen and his team would discuss everything about the rhinoplasty surgery from precautions to take before and after the surgery, the actual procedure and how long it would take for your particular need, and any possible risks and complications.

We also provide follow-up solutions. To learn more about how we can use rhinoplasty in Toms River and Eatontown to give you a better looking nose, please contact us or simply call (732) 741-7774 or (732) 240-6396. We look forward to hearing from you.

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