Reduce the Size of Your Chest

Breast Reduction Toms River

Many women seek breast reduction surgery because of oversized breasts, a condition that is medically known as breast hypertrophy. Breast hypertrophy typically occurs in both breasts and happens at puberty or soon afterward. Due to this, women potentially experience various health and emotional problems that interfere with routine activities, suffer from disrupted sleep, or related self-consciousness issues. Breast reduction is the effective remedy to this problem.

Achieve a Beautiful, New Femininity

At his Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center in New Jersey, Dr. Michael Rosen provides breast reduction procedures at his Toms River and Eatontown offices, individualized to the needs of each patient. During the procedure, excess fat, breast tissue, and skin are removed to make the breasts smaller, lighter, and firmer with a more natural shape.

Breast Reduction Surgery - The Purpose

  • Reduce the breast size
  • Enable upward positioning of the nipple
  • Contour the breast so that it achieves a more naturally projecting appearance

Depending on the breast size and the amount of sag or droop in the nipple, the nature and type of incision varies. During your consultation, Dr. Michael Rosen will analyze your health condition, review your complete medical history, and design the best treatment regime that will help achieve your goals. He will also discuss the procedure in detail and advise you of the potential risks and complications involved.

Dr Rosen's offices that offer breast reduction are located in Toms River and Eatontown in New Jersey and he serves Monmouth and Ocean Counties, and the surrounding areas. When you arrive for breast surgery, Dr. Rosen and his staff will take special care to put you at ease throughout and after the procedure.

Learn More about Breast Reduction

If you have any queries or concerns regarding breast reduction and other cosmetic breast surgery procedures, please contact us! Call: (732) 240-6396 or (732) 741-7774 and get the support you need.

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