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Breast Augmentation Toms River

 At his Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center in New Jersey, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Rosen offers breast augmentation and other cosmetic breast surgery procedures to help patients achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. With his offices in Toms River and Eatontown, New Jersey, Dr. Rosen offers a range of plastic surgery procedures to clients from Monmouth and Ocean Counties and the surrounding areas.

For a better understanding about breast augmentation in Toms River or Eatontown and to answer any questions you may have, contact us to schedule a consultation today. Call: (732) 240-6396, (732) 741-7774.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Small, underdeveloped breasts are a source of concern or embarrassment to many women. Combining a valuable blend of surgical skill and artistry, Dr. Rosen provides breast enhancement procedures that would meet your requirement for a fuller and more beautiful bustline.

Women usually seek breast enhancement surgery to:

  • Restore breast volume after pregnancy and nursing
  • Balance breasts that differ in size or shape
  • Enlarge breasts to enhance body shape and proportions
  • \
  • Reconstruct one or both breasts after mastectomy

Whatever the motivation, the procedure is safer and easier now than ever before. Breast augmentation is less invasive, with more options and better post-surgical results.

Breast Augmentation Using Implants

New Jersey's leading breast enhancement/augmentation surgeon, Dr. Rosen performs the procedure using breast implants. Implants are silicone shells filled with either saline (salt water) or silicone gel (recently approved by the FDA). The incisions will be made behind each breast, underneath either the breast tissue or the chest wall muscle. The breast enhancement procedure lasts one to two hours and is performed in Dr. Rosen's own operating room under twilight anesthesia.

One Hour Breast Augmentation ~ A Remarkable Advancement

Dr. Michael Rosen also performs one hour breast augmentation, which allows the patient to leave with breast implants in just one-hour. The procedure is done after administering twilight anesthesia, which puts you into a twinkle sleep. One hour breast augmentation is fast and convenient, safe and effective providing you with excellent aesthetic results.

Before you decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery in Toms River or Eatontown, New Jersey, Dr. Rosen will discuss the placement of breast implants with you at his office.

Learn More about Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation can help you achieve the form, figure, and overall appearance you desire. At Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center we are here to answer your questions and schedule consultations with Dr. Rosen. Please contact us today to schedule your individual consultation to determine if breast augmentation is right for you.

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